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“Nice To Meet You” is a collective project by New York-based designers Teasy Shiruo Sun and Friszi Tianyang Jin. Comprised of handmade interactive garments, the timeless pieces are inspired by an original children’s story written by the designers themselves. The collection aims to educate adolescent life values and encourage imagination through its innovative, playful and earth-friendly textile design. The collection features high craftsmanship such as felting, knitting and natural dying. The collection’s narrative focuses on a child who has been living in a comfortable glass house since birth, until a bunny enters their life. The bunny’s appearance enthralls the child’s curiosity and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone, eventually leading the child to find their true selves in nature.

As a children’s wear designer, Teasy wants the wearer to play and learn through her designs. Her design approach is to create interactive toy garments through her knowledge of textiles and her unique illustration style. Children will learn from what they wear as they play, and use their imagination to create some special moments with their outfits.

As a knitter, dyer, painter, and designer, Friszi is always obsessed with the nature which is what she thinks most essential to life. She loves working with natural elements and take inspirations from the nature. During her visit to southwest Guizhou where many indigenous tribes have kept the practice of indigo dyeing for hundreds of years, she became more aware of how people can live with the cycles of the nature without any high-tech involvement. While keeping the minimal aesthetics and believing in “less is more”, she is also into the theme of fantasy as it brings more fun to life.



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