Sarah Lovell Art
sarah lovell art

Remember when you were little? Anything was possible. Everything was so magical, the big wide world was there for discovery and adventure. Step back to those days and lose yourself in a dreamlike world of art for a while. Sarah Lovell has loved to draw for as long as she can remember. Time passes so nicely when she is lost in her world of unicorns, foxes, stars, magic, wonder and much more. The images are from Sarah's imagination, inspired by her dreams, children and the magic that is in the air all around us. You will find a collection of greetings cards, colouring books and art prints, all of which are very popular for children (and their grown ups love them too!) All of Sarah's designs are hand drawn, and then printed in Dorset, using biodegradable inks and on 'Carbon Captured' paper. 



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