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Sinking your teeth into a Norah's Brownie is like tasting a little piece of heaven! Pure chocolatey indulgence with creative toppings and a rich, chewy texture. Yum! What's incredible about these hand-made gourmet brownies is that they are naturally free from Gluten, Dairy and Refined Sugars - Whoaaa! You would never know, the flavours are delicious. Created by Leah, Norah's Brownies came about when her type one diabetes didn't agree with her chocolate and baked goods addiction! She started to look at alternative sugars and experimented with a variety of ingredients until she found the recipe for the perfect brownie. All brownies are hand-made, gluten free, dairy free and refined sugar free with exciting flavours and toppings to give the brownies their signature look and taste. Go on, give them a try!


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