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Mary Meadows is a life coach who is going to support you in building a lasting relationship with your mind, and in doing so you will support and improve your mental health. She is also known as the ‘Badass Life Coach’  a qualified Performance Coaching and skilled NLP Practitioner. Her mission is to make women feel good about themselves and to support them in developing the skills they need to live their best life. 

Life is hard, and we make it harder on ourselves by beating ourselves up for decisions, choices, behaviours that we make usually with other people in our minds. SO now its time to put YOU first, decide what YOU want, how YOU want to live, and Mary will be your cheerleader until you can shake those pom poms yourself! She is ALL about the ACTION, inspiring and empowering you to ignore the stuff you can't control and focus on the stuff you can, stop doing the stuff that makes you feel shit, and do more of what you LOVE. Living your best life, however that looks for you, starts here.   

Performance Coaching + NLP Diploma Level 3 (accredited with National Council of Psychotherapists)

MNCP Full Membership to the National Council of Psychotherapists


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