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Manifesto Woman is a sustainable lifestyle store. Nothing new needs to be produced when you shop - everything on the site is secondhand. You get to buy beautiful things without damaging the planet, and all for bargain prices. It's a genuine retail revolution. On Manifesto Woman you can shop everything from top end designers like Gucci, Burberry, Prada & Isabel boutique brands like Ganni, Maje, Humanoid & high street brands such as Cos, Whistles, Topshop & Zara + a bit of vintage thrown in for good measure. 

Why will you love Manifesto Woman?

Your wardrobe will never have looked so good. The whole shopping experience feels luxurious; you won't feel like you're browsing a messy jumble sale. In fact, it feels like you're shopping in a boutique… but for ridiculously bargain prices. You’ll feel welcomed as part of a community - we're all trying to be better humans, more conscious consumers...... but you won't have to lose out on style to be the nice person you know you can be  :-) You will feel loved - Manifesto Woman genuinely cares about their customers and won't leave you in the lurch if anything goes wrong.

Preloved, pre-owned, secondhand, nearly new - call it what you want, Manifesto Woman do it brilliantly. 


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