New wallpaper, aprons and mugs by Sas & Yosh

Photography by Sharon Cooper

Words by Anna Cascarina

The beautiful Sarah and Yoshie from Sas & Yosh

Aprons by Sas & Yosh

Aprons by Sas & Yosh

The extremely talented duo, Sarah Bellisario and Yoshie Allan of Sas & Yosh have expanded their delightful illustrated designs into a gorgeous selection of mugs and aprons. The Circus of Wonders mug and Night Town have a typical Sas & Yosh design printed on them perfect for a hot cuppa for yourself or some warm milk for your little one.

"After the sell out success of the 'Oriental Spa' tea towel we wanted to bring it back in a new product. Also we wanted to do something that we could make for both adults and children which is why we came up with the aprons idea. The children's 'Dress up Day' aprons are unisex and can be used for creative arty types or budding cooks!
The mugs 'Circus of Wonders' and 'Night town' were something that we wanted to make using bright fun illustrations for kids or adults to use. We are also planning to make a 'Circus of Wonders' wallpaper later in the year.

The limited print runs on our luxury wallpapers and a focus on quality for our modern homewares means you will always get something beautiful and exclusive for your home." Sarah Bellisario

Mugs by Sas & Yosh

Circus of Wonders mug, £12. Night Town mug, £12.

This stunning collaboration of British eccentricity and Japanese ‘kawaii’ by Sarah and Yoshie results in quirky and contemporary designs for cool kids and their parents. Here at Little Flea, we have long been a fan of their detailed illustrations that give a unique blend of adventure and whimsy always resulting in fun, colourful designs perfect for any childs space.

The Dress up Day kids apron for budding chefs or artists, is 100% cotton and is made and manufactured environmentally in the U.K. The introduction of new products was inevitable for Sas and Yosh, having created a selection of tea towels late last year and now with these gorgeous mugs and aprons, we hope to see more and more creations by this amazing brand very soon. 

Dress up Day kids apron, £15. Oriental Spa adults apron, £25

We adore the new products and look forward to new wallpaper designs in the Autumn. For more information on Sas & Yosh or to order, please visit their website.


Words: Anna Cascarina