interiors detox!

kids interiors you'll want to keep for yourself!

We're now into February. I should probably be a lycra clad lemming lunging for the treadmill clutching my juiced kale; Alas, as 2017 gets well underway, I prefer to turn my attentions to detoxing my home. I'll take a wander around, coffee in hand. Standard. Considering what I can move around, How can I inject some new interest into a room without having to A. Redecorate. B. Spend a chuffin' fortune?

There are a whole host of creative Interiors talents on Little Flea that can bring pieces with detailed individuality, personality and texture that will lift your space.

bisou de lou textured ball and hanging fish

Bisou De Lou create handmade pieces with a huge sense of fun. The fabrics used are a fantastic way of injecting luxurious materials and varying rich textures into your home.

Hanging or stacking objects allow you to bring some height into your space. Beautiful individually made cushions you won't find on the high street to give your sofa a new lease of life, stacked instead of scattered will create an interesting look.


Willa and Bobbin hanging bird mobile in liberty print

Willa and Bobbin's pieces make a beautiful addition to a nursery, or playroom, in particular the cloud mobiles they're so delicately made. However they don't need to be limited to upstairs, the Liberty print character bird mobiles in particular will look great in your living space. You can select from a range of liberty materials to tailor to your tastes depending on your preferences. A cohesive colour scheme or if you prefer, you can clash your prints.

Hanging from the invisible thread at a point of interest in your home, Or placed under a glass dome displayed like a Hyyge inspired taxidermy alternative. Gorgeous.

Whatever the style of your humble abode, minimal, eclectic, country house, retro. Any of these pieces from these gorgeous handmade brands on Little Flea would feel right at home.

By Donna Tweedale. 

Donna is a mum of two, writer and stylist. Read her blog here