Layer up, it's getting colder!



We get cosy with the beautiful merino base layers by Smalls


Happy New Year everybody. I hope you've had a fabulous Christmas break and a wonderful start to 2016!

It seemed to me that after the mildest December in years, January brought us back down to drizzly Earth with a bump! The rain has been mega, the temperature has plummeted and the frost is most definitely in the air. Getting back to the routine of packed lunches, washing and ironing school uniforms and getting up at the crack of dawn hasn't been made any easier with foggy cold mornings to contend with too.

But there are silver linings, and these come in the form of the awesome products by the fantastic brand Smalls. We can now ensure our little sprogs are cosy and toasty with their gorgeous merino tanks, raglan tees, long sleeve tees, trousers, camis and snoods.

The best thing about these beautiful products is that they are year round clothing. Merino sheep are really clever as they have adapted to withstand extreme changes in temperature in their unique environment. In fact, their wool is the very best all-weather protection in the world, making it warm in sub-zero winters and cool in hot summers. And it's 100% natural.


So what makes Smalls so unique?

Well they use a special two-fold yarn which can only be achieved by using extra fine and very smooth yarns. What this means is that Smalls are made from the smoothest feeling merino available. 

But what's all the fuss about merino?

It regulates your body temperature, keeps you dry and comfy with its natural wicking properties, is anti-bacterial so won't pong after a few days of wear, is irritation-free so can be worn on even the most sensitive skin, it naturally repels dust mites so is anti-allergy and is fire and UV resistant. 

What's more, there has even been research that shows sleeping in merino nurtures a deeper, more comfortable and restful sleep. Better for the brain and better for growing.

Wow, what a product! 

So for all round miracle wonder clobber, check out Smalls and let your little superheros skin be hugged by the power of merino.

By Anna Cascarina