Atticus & Gilda - Nostalgic nightwear and accessories

By Donna Tweedale

The nightwear you were wearing as a child associated with memories from Christmases, Birthdays and lazy Sunday starts. How much more special would those memories be in sleepwear created by the hands of Atticus and Gilda

The 100% cotton sleepwear range has a real sense of history, the classic sleepwear silhouettes and nostalgic detailing is just beautiful. At the hands of creators Conchita and Lucy the sense of occasion goes deeper into the collection.

The name Atticus came about while Conchita was reading her favourite novel “To Kill A Mocking Bird”. Gilda came from Lucy's love of the silver screen and the elegance and beauty of stars such as Rita Hayworth, who starred in the iconic film Gilda. So Atticus and Gilda was born!

With their experience in Musical Theatre Productions, the attention to detail is second to none. When you consider their previous works and the actors they've dressed for huge productions with incredible reputations, you can appreciate the level of workmanship that goes into each collection. 

Taking inspiration from their travels and careers bespoke pieces are finished with trimmings and fabrics they've collected over time through their experiences. So your little ones can own a piece of real history, British culture with a beautiful sense of drama. How amazing is that?

With plans for new sleepwear accessories range, including cushions, and sleepover bags in the pipeline, We cant wait!

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Written by Donna Tweedale.

Donna is a mother of two, writer and stylist who runs her own blog Crayons in my Miumiu.