Boys will be Boys

The fight against bland boys clothing

By Anna Cascarina


We all know what it's like...

We go into a kids store and the girls clothing and accessories shine out like a beacon all pretty and cute in delicious colours, beautifully displayed with fringing, appliques, adornments, frills, pleats and ruffles.

You can hear the 'oohs' and the 'aahs' coming from the parents of daughters picking up pretty sequined shoes and glittery accessories!

Then you look over to the boys section  -all blue, grey, black - boring! But why? Boys are style conscious, image aware, into their cool style. My 9 year old nephew is incredibly image savvy, in fact he is worse than my 10 year old daughter! The hair has to be just right, with just the right amount of hair gel to create the perfect quiff! The clothing has to be just right to impress the other boys down at the skate ramp! The shoes - oh the shoes! Now they definitely have to be on trend and up to date...

So why do so many clothing brands get it so wrong?

Well not on Little Flea. We have some amazing brands that do the most incredible boys or unisex styles. Fit for a fashion king!

Whether they're a skater kid who loves nothing more than comfortable and stylish clobber to look totally rad on the ramps. Or more of a classic little dude who likes smart jackets, cool shoes and hip little shirts. Every brand on Little Flea is curated to ensure that only the very best is showcased for your perusal and you can be sure that you will find something totally unique, covetable and stylish for the little man in your life.

Take a look at this delectable selection of gorgeousness. Your little boy will be looking smart and dapper from top to bottom!