Advent ready with Engel decorations

By Donna Tweedale

Now deep into the last week of November. The C word is most definitely acceptable and we're officially on the countdown to the beginning of advent and getting our wrap on.

I'm going to try and make a conscious effort to not make the decorations into a Christmas task to get finished in one afternoon, I'll attempt to be less anal about things having their place. I want it to be more fun, do little bits at a time, get the kids involved... and force myself not to rearrange when they've gone to bed. Remember the feeling of pride as a child when 'that' decoration you lovingly created at school gets dusted out the loft annually? Evoking the strong childhood memories linked to it. Coincidental that my lovingly pritt sticked angel would take pride of place round the back side of the tree? Doubtful. Craft has never been my forte.

My origami skills aside, the festive season cries out for playful decorations, fun, colour, texture and lights. Engel have these elements down. And, for the win? You don't need to be Kirstie Allsop to pull them off. 

DIY advent calendar by engel

The DIY Advent calendar is adorable, You can sneak the treats inside for the kids, or pop a clue inside for a little treasure hunt leading them to a little pre christmas stocking filler. Engel's range of kids necklaces make for perfect gifts and advent treats. And this amazing nativity 3d puzzle is the cutest thing.

Engel 3d nativity puzzle
Engel 3d nativity puzzle

Monochrome and minimal more your bag? You'll especially love these snowstar's and white confetti garland.

Engel white confetti garland

Visit Engel for a wonderful range of decorations, stationery, toys and tableware.

Words by Donna Tweedale.

Donna is a mother of two, writer and stylist who runs her own blog Crayons in my Miumiu.