Making old clothes young again!

Here at Little Flea we're suckers for a bit of vintage and homemade. There's nothing I like more than having a rummage round a charity shop or two with a buddy (usually my good friend Olga who is THE vintage queen!) . So we absolutely love the concept behind re-be. 

At re-be they hate to see beautiful old clothes thrown away just because they no longer fit, have the odd moth hole or just don’t make the style grade any more. So, they salvage discarded garments and vintage fabrics, and upcycle them into gorgeous, sustainable, one of a kind designs for children and babies.

re-be want to pass on a message of kindness and individuality to children - where clothes are cherished, and pre-loved pieces can be loved again. All re-be clothes are unique and handmade in Bath, England.  

The duo behind re-be is Rebecca Roberts, a former international hotel interior designer and Rebecca Gallimore, who after working in the city for many years, retrained as a milliner. Together they have collaborated in their love for creativity and hate of waste. Both based in Bath, and with 5 children under seven between them, they spend their time scouring the local charity shops for goodies to upcycle into beautifully designed children's clothing.    

For something a bit more bespoke, re-be offer their 'Heritage Range' which is a bespoke service where they transform cherished items into re-worked pieces for the next generation. It could be Grandads favourite shirt or a special cashmere jumper of Grandma's, you can choose from a selection of silhouettes and re-be will create your very own individual and uniquely personal piece.

Prices range from £17-50 for felt and cashmere shoes to £53 for a cashmere poncho. For more information on re-be visit their website.

by Anna Cascarina