A Mexican Summer from Piupia


Hombre and Chiquitita t-shirts, £17.50 each, Stripe pants, £12.60 each.

Shoes from Amy & Ivor.

Photo by Binky Nixon

Ok so it's raining outside... but that doesn't mean we can't get excited and prepared for when the sun does finally come out (and stay out!).

We have been a fan of Piupia since their first collection due to the fantastic Portuguese heritage and the quality of the soft 100% organic cotton that the clothing is produced from. Each collection is a miriad of simple subtle colours and fun prints that are perfect for little ones. 

At Piupia,  every single piece of their teeny tiny garments is manufactured under high quality standards using processes that are not only kinder to the environment, but also gentler to baby's’ sensitive skin. As such, their certified manufacturer only uses locally produced materials and resources, and follows all the European work Standards and Policies. Good for you, good for the environment.

Piupia sweater £22.40. Culottes £8.40

Rock t-shirt £17.50. Stripe pants £12.60 

Hombre tee £17.50. Blue shorts £18.20

You can still get your hands on the last spring/summer collection called 'Off to Mexico' at fantastic prices. Featuring the coolest illustrations and designs from donkeys and stripes to desert rocks and confetti. All in a glorious colour palette of creams and browns with hints of orange, yellow, blue and green. 

Photographer Binky Nixon and I did a baby shoot for Little Flea magazine featuring some of Piupia's beautiful designs. 

Donkey skirt, £18.20.

Toadstool cushion from Le Train Fantome

Chiquitita and Hombre tees £17.50 each. Stripe pants £12.60 each.

Shoes from Amy & Ivor

Piupia's A/W 15 range, 'Where is the Mole?', is also available online and is on sale now. Go check out this wonderful brand here.

Where's the Mole? A/W 15 collection

By Anna Cascarina