Sas & Yosh, the illustrator queens, launch their AMAZING products!

The eagerly awaited gorgeous goodies from the uber talented Sas & Yosh are now available to buy through their website. I went to their launch party last night to celebrate with them.

Sarah & Yoshie

Sarah & Yoshie

Sarah ( Sas ) and Yoshie ( Yosh ) both grew up on different sides of the world in Japan and the UK, with limitless creative minds and a massive passion for their creations. Sarah’s background is in art and media, with an MA in Children’s Book Illustration, whilst Yoshie studied Fashion at ESMOD in Tokyo and then worked in design. Alongside this, both Sarah and Yoshie are published children’s author / illustrators.

This special collaboration project started very naturally in 2014, after they met and fell in love with each other’s artwork. Sarah and Yoshie produce artwork for both children and adults and their collections are full of colourful inspiration, contemporary design and original illustration.

Little Flea caught up with Sarah (Sas) to find out more...

LF: Where did you and Yoshie meet?

S: We met through another mum who my daughter was at nursery with. She knew Yoshie and I had both created Children's books and she thought we might get on. Match made in heaven is what we say!

LF: What are you inspired by?

S: We are both inspired by colour, pattern and different cultures. Funnily enough Yoshie is really into western culture and i'm obsessed with all things Asian and Japanese so we are both inspired by each others culture and each other. Yoshie is also obsessed with collage and I love creating tiny details in all our work.

LF: What is included in your new range?

S: At the moment our in house range consists of wallpaper, wrapping paper and tea towels but we want to branch out into textiles and all sorts of other areas….stationery, fashion collaborations and more homewares. We also have been working on commissioned illustrations and designs for other companies. 


LF: Talk us through the collection.

S: Our collection is a range of designs for both children and adults. All the work is collaborative so if Yoshie does the drawings then I do the colour work and vice versa. So everything we do is a mixture of both our styles.
We have lots of different designs as we are inspired by so many things so birds, cats, children, Japanese Spa, flowers and superheroes are just a few of our themes. All of our designs can potentially be used for different things so we can make them into paper products or textiles if people have alternative ways they'd like to use them.

LF: Any tips on getting children interested in art and drawing?

S: My daughter hates making mistakes in her art so i'm trying to teach her to worry less and just enjoy art. We have a making box full of lots of sweet wrappers, bits of old wrapping paper and anything my daughter likes the look of. We do lots of collage art using the bits in there. Also children are never too young to visit a gallery. We often take a toy with us and pretend to discuss the paintings with it. That's always fun.

Me and Yoshie!

Me and Yoshie!

LF: How did the launch party go?

S: The Launch was great. Really good fun and a lovely bunch of people from lots of different areas of design, architecture, art, and small businesses! Everyone made lots of contacts and drank lots of wine so a good night all round! Plus we sold a few tea towels so that was exciting!

LF: What's next for Sas & Yosh?

S: Sending out samples, building a client base and getting back to the fun bit of illustrating more new designs! Thats the bit we both love most.

Little Flea absolutely love every single item from their range. The wallpaper is the most perfect paper for any childs bedroom and the tea towels are so beautiful, they're too good for the dishes! We love it all! 

Sas & Yosh designs can be purchased through their website. Alternatively click here for more information on the Little Flea decor page.