The Royal baby - due any day!!!!

Ooh the smell of a newborns skin, the silky smooth hair on his head, the chubby little rolls of puppy fat on her legs. We love babies here at Little Flea and now the Little Fleabags (Ruby and Pippa) are all grown up, we have to get our fix from elsewhere.

So imagine the excitement in our household when it comes to the new Royal baby. What sex will it be? Will he or she look like Kate or Will? What will Granny Liz think of it all? 

One thing's for sure, this baby will look amazing. The children's brands around at the moment are exceptional and here at Little Flea, we showcase THE best. All our gorgeous brands have collections of beautifully designed clothing, toys or accessories all in stunning colours and with darling little prints.

Whether it be a Royal Prince or Princess, this selection of amazing finds will ensure he or she is the best looking bubba in the land.


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By Anna Cascarina