Wicked Wednesday

Our 3rd Halloween post is full of edible gore and terrifying treats! We have some wonderful ideas from Toadstool Parties and Natasha from Nevie-Pie Cakes has given us a few recipes for some fab (if not slightly gross) treats for the trick or treaters!

Toadstool Parties show how party food can be transformed into gorgeous gruesome grub! Spider topped cupcakes, monster mummy sausage rolls, tombstone cakes, eyeball surprise and Halloween shaped biscuits can all be achieved with a little bit of preparation!

All above images from Toadstool Parties

Natasha from Nevie-Pie Cakes is renowned for her creativity and usually her creations are adorned with pretty painted flowers or cute designs! When Halloween comes around though, Natasha enjoys getting ghoulish and gruesome to create blood curdling cake creations like these amazing severed fingers and toes! Eurgh!!!

Natasha has kindly given us two fab recipes to do at home with the kids. 

1.) Monster Snot & Bogies

monster snot
monster bogies recipe

Make a basic meringue. We used powder egg whites, added water and beat them until stiff.

monster snot recipe

Add sugar and beat again until nice and glossy. Separate the mixture into three bowls.

monster snot recipe

Add food colouring, we used two greens and a yellow and layered the colours in a piping tube.

monster snot and bogies

Give the kids a tray each to create drips of bogie. Put into the oven until crisp.

Once cooled, package the bogies in plastic bags and label. You can get your kiddies to make their own design and print it onto snot green card. Or you can use this template below. Enjoy!


2.) Popcorn Heads

popcorn heads

Boil some syrup in a pan and remove from heat. Coat the popcorn with some melted butter, then pour into the pan of syrup. Give it a stir and set aside to cool for a minute or two. Shape into balls. Go for whatever size you like!

Melt a cup of marshmallows with a tablespoon of butter over a low heat. This can be used as glue to stick the sweets onto the popcorn heads. With the sweets and the melted marshmallow glue, create whatever Popcorn Heads you want. You can make one-eyed monsters or wicked witches, black cats or even Frankenstein - go as wild and wacky as you like! 

popcorn heads halloween
popcorn heads

Lastly, bag them up and label them for your friends, they'll love it!