When did you know you were a Grown Up?

By Georgina Spiller


Georgina is our new regular contributor. She is a mum to 3 primary school age kids and when she's not burning fish fingers she spends her time writing things like this! Follow Georgina on twitter @PetrovaFossil71

In a recent (rare) moment of tranquility in a café I overheard some women talking about the moment they felt like they were grown up. They talked about going to university, their wedding day, having a baby, buying clothes pegs. It reminded me that life changing moments are often relatively inconsequential - but that of course there are the big events that crash into you like a juggernaut and change you forever.

Georgina and her family

Georgina and her family

georgina spiller

Some would say that the moment you become a parent is the moment you grow up. It’s true that you’re forced from one country to a whole different continent once that living, breathing, slippery thing is thrust onto your chest, and yeah, it's a shock no one can put into words for you, but not everyone has kids and so that can't be a defining moment for all humankind. But if there’s one thing surer than taxes and Ryan Gosling waiting for me at the school gates it's DEATH.

Georgina and her dad

Georgina and her dad

I think the moment I knew I was an adult was when I lost my Dad.

Losing a parent grows you up in a way that no one can put into words for you but I guess it’s as simple as being forced to confront your own mortality, and Lord knows I could do without that on a Monday morning in Waitrose.

How I felt about losing my dad is a whole other post (lucky you) and if you’re going through this right now, you have my heartfelt sympathies. Hang in there – it is ok on the other side.


Love, G.

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