Mama mindfulness at Christmas time.

By Donna Tweedale

Mere soeur mug. Got This.

You're among friends. Let's be honest in the midst of Christmas planning, juggling shopping, baking, planning, school nativities, fitting it all in around work can be a total ball ache. Christmas Magic doesn't just happen. Behind the memories of leaving reindeer food on the steps on Christmas Eve is a Mama that remembered to grab the bag of over priced oats and glitter and the Instagram worthy Carrot.

As if the daily grind isn't tough enough; most of us Mama's will be adding a huge amount to our 'to do lists' to ensure everyone has the perfectly wrapped gift to open, wishes to fulfil, that the kids magical morning goes seamlessly, the turkey isn't dry. I could go on... That's a lot of pressure and a lot of plates to spin. 

Whether you're throwing on the Stan Smiths and hitting the high street elbows at the ready or opting to reach for the ipad from the comfort of the sofa, this crazy Christmas shit doesn't take care of itself. You, however, need to. With all of the above it's even more important you take time to breathe. Take some screen free time to yourself.  Fit in that Gin with the girls. Flick through a magazine or book with a hot cuppa. Whatever works for you. Don't be the martyr - delegate some jobs to the fella or family. It's not failing to ask for help. It's your Christmas too. 

The Quility App is my go to. I'll run a bath, or lounge out on the sofa for 10 minutes when I need to focus, reminding myself what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. I get it, the irony. An app encouraging mindfulness on the very device that offers the most distractions. But, as a prolific list writer and scheduling reminders kinda girl, I welcome this kick up the arse. Whatever you think works, make sure you take care of you. 

And as a reward for pulling off another stonking Christmas... Mama Flea host's some beaut brands that will take the edge off the advent lunacy. Merry Christmas To You Mama. You're all kinds of awesome.


Words by Donna Tweedale

Donna is a mother of two, writer and stylist who runs her own blog Crayons in my Miumiu.