Jewellery film and shoot- we are the wild ones!

We had a wonderful time down in the woods filming our very first Little Flea short film. Our five little models were superstars and I think you'll agree, the jewellery looks amazing on them.

The wonderful Sharon Cooper joined us on the shoot taking some photos of the little ones in order to get some gorgeous stills of the beautiful accessories. Have a look at our film and shoot. I hope you enjoy it.

Music: Run for those Hills, Babe by Tom Rosenthal

Film and edit:

Styling: Anna Cascarina

Models: Pippa, Sophie, Lola, Oscar and Sam. 

From left to right: Lola: Grey speckled tee £28 Little Remix and grey trackpants £58 Little Remix. Sophie: Pink Le Voyage tee £24 Soft Gallery. Blue jeans £55 Scotch R'Belle. Navy sandals £38 Saltwater. Pippa: Grey denim dress £86 Little Remix. Oscar: Grey LA/NY tee £18 ABC123ME. Grey denim shorts £63 Scotch Shrunk. Sam: Grey v-neck tee £36.75 Scotch Shrunk and jeans £59 Scotch Shrunk. All feather headdresses £30 from Jolly Brown Vintage


Bunny rings €7 each, Cookie ring €6 Pop Cutie. White giant balloons £4 each Feather Grey

Limited edition lemon and kiwi necklaces €16 each Pop Cutie

Shark necklace £18 A Mini Penny

Unicorn necklace £18 A Mini Penny. Folk scarf £10 Jolly Brown Vintage.

Feather headdresses £30 Jolly Brown Vintage

Bee necklace £17-£23 Velvet Parsnips

Arrow necklace £17-£23 Velvet Parsnips

Pink pompom hairslides £4 A Mini Penny. Diamond necklace £50-£70 Velvet Parsnips

Frida flower necklace £7 Rockahula and flower ring set £5 Rockahula

Lightening bolt necklace £25-£30 Velvet Parsnips

White alligator necklace £18 A Mini Penny and Triceratops necklace £18 A Mini Penny.

Koala necklace €15 Pop Cutie. pom pom garland £17, headdresses £30 and folk scarf £10 all Jolly Brown Vintage

Gold star necklace £7 Rockahula and gold star bracelet £6 Rockahula

Black pom pom ring £4 A Mini Penny. Headdress £30 Jolly Brown Vintage

We are the wild ones!