Naïf suncream - protection for your little ones

Keeping your kiddies safe

in the sun with Naïf

We have long been a fan of the gorgeous kids skincare products by Naïf, so when we found out they had just launched a new sunscreen, we just had to try it. And boy, were we impressed. This lovely smelling SPF50 cream has been expertly formulated for the sensitive skin of babies and kids. It consists of natural ingredients such as shea butter and zinc oxide, which nourish and protect sensitive skin. The preservative-free, mineral-based and ultra-hydrating formula contains natural UV filters that physically deflect the sun’s rays for optimal broad spectrum protection. The sun protection factor of 50 protects against the harmful consequences caused by long-term solar irradiation.

The cream went on nice and easily and soaked into the skin beautifully. The skin felt soft and moisturised due to the creams Glycerin content and it's Shea butter and zinc oxide that soothes and nourishes. For babies and children with sensitive skin, the dermatologically tested Naïf sunscreen has an allergy-free perfume (decreasing risk of allergic reaction to a minimum) and it's SPF 50 with physical and mineral filters, protect the skin against both UVA and UVB radiation.

Naif Protecting Sunscreen

Naïf is a natural skincare line for babies and children, made only from the best ingredients. They only use ingredients they can pronounce, like cottonseed oil, sweet almond oil, macadamia oil and avocado oil. Naïf was founded by two Dutch friends, Sjoerd Trompetter and Jochem Hef. When they became fathers for the first time, they couldn't believe the lack of natural baby products on the market. So they decided to develop a skincare range for babies and toddlers completely free of nasty chemicals. Their range now includes products such as cleansing wash, nurturing cream, milky bath oil, shampoo and many more to keep your precious little ones skin soft and nourished.

Naïf protecting sunscreen has just won the prestigious Green Parent Beauty Award 2016. Woohoo, so well deserved! This cream is definitely one we will be buying over and over again. 

Get the Naïf award winning Protecting Sunscreen, £14.50 here…

Words and images by Anna Cascarina