Part 1

Women with a lioness instinct, pure grit, determination and awesome taste in Mama Merch have taken Instagram by storm of late. At Little Flea, we are totally embracing this sisterhood. Mama's with skills, individual style and knowledge holding each other up in support of each others projects through social media. How refreshing in an online society where, women are pitted against each other to pass judgement and bitch. A wave of creative Mama's portraying an honest view of motherhood. Showing us Mama's an unfiltered perspective and our kids the importance to be who you are and own it.

''Never underestimate the power of a girl gang.'' - Carrie Anne - Mère Soeur

This Mama, for one knows how to get shit done.

Carrie Anne of Mère Soeur launches 'The Art Of Motherhood' - ' A charitable adult colouring book inspired by moments of motherhood.' Collaborating with a whole host of ladies to bring you pages of illustrations inspired by moments of motherhood and symbols of sisterhood. A project that will see all proceeds raised, split equally between Home Start in support of vulnerable families in the UK and Bliss supporting sick babies and their families.

We met with Carrie Anne to find out more about this project ;

Seriously. Mama. How do you find the time?!...What an amazing project, This obviously means a lot to you. Where do you even begin with getting something like this off the ground?

Truth is, there is no time to find! I just work when I should be doing other things like housework, eating and sleeping.
This project was inspired by 90s riot grrrl zines that I was obsessed with as a teen. I wanted to apply the same DIY logic and empowering vibes to this book. The first step was to put out the feelers on IG, so many talented women came forward and as the pieces started arriving into my inbox I knew the book was going to be RAD.

The women you've collaborated with to launch this project. Wow. Now that is some girl gang to rival even Swifty's squad! Could you share with us what Sisterhood means to you?

I know right?! We have such an amazing selection of women from all kinds of illustrative backgrounds. Tattoo artists, painters, print makers, toy designers, photographers, students and business women all so kindly gave their time and talent to the project!
To me, sisterhood means supporting, encouraging and celebrating other women as well as working hard to understand each others choices whether we agree with them or not. We all have our own struggles and I think it's our duty to just keep being awesome to each other.

Your FAQ post on your blog. That is one awesome kick up the arse for any Mama toying with the idea of starting a buisness. You took a brave leap and I'm sure in sharing your experiences you've inspired other Mama's to do the same, How does that make you feel?

Thank you very much! After that post went live I had a few messages from other mums who considered it to be a boot up the butt. I didn't really think too much about that particular post, I didn't even give it the once over before posting. I meant every word of it and if it gives somebody else a push in the direction of pursuing what makes them happy then I'm a very happy woman.

How adorable is River?! Seriously those big brown peepers will get that kid out of all kinds of mischief! I'm sure he's keeping you on your toes, How is Motherhood shaping up for you? What's one piece of advice you'd give a Mama to be?

He IS a bit of a cutie, huh?! And already so cheeky! Motherhood is just a bit brilliant isn't it?! I love it. I mean, sometimes I want to lock myself away and have a good ol' cry but it is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. The best advice I could give to a mama to be is to just be open to any eventuality. In birth, early motherhood and beyond. Do what you think is right and don't let anyone tell you how to raise your baby or put pressure on you. Trust your gut and it'll work out.

We're super excited to see the book. I bet you're bursting to get it out there into the masses, Not long to go now; What are you most excited about in the run up to the launch?

I'm super excited for you all to see it!! It has been SO difficult to keep it all to myself for so long! I'd say what I'm most excited about is meeting the contributors, all of the insta mamas I've been talking to for so long and of course the meringues and bubbly!!

I'm sure you've got a to do list as long as your arm, Thanks so much for taking time out to chat with Little Flea. See you there!

Thanks so much for having me, Little Flea! See you at the launch!


If you've not already, head over to Mère Soeur's Instagram for details about The Art of Motherhood Book which launches tomorrow.  To shop some seriously gorgeous tee's and accessories, get yourself over to the Mére Soeur website. Your wardrobe will thank you!

We can't wait for the launch tomorrow where we will be interviewing Carrie a bit more and taking dome awesome pics.
Watch this space for part 2 of 'The Art of Motherhood' Mère Soeur blog. Coming soon.

By Donna Tweedale