Get Knee Envy with Braveling tights

The sight of a nappy clad bottom and chunky knees navigating unsteady feet is enough to make my ovaries ache.

Little Titan's tights, that give your little ones imagination a gentle prod, are just too adorable. Imagine you're 2, wearing an easy top and a pair of these to play in... You're winning.

In this wintery weather these are surely the epitome of comfort. If I were 2 I'd be wanting these on every God damn day! 

Plus, as mums, we all know the frustration of our little ones taking off their socks over and over again in sub zero temperatures. Or losing a sock in the supermarket and having to retrace your steps to try and locate it... Tights for boys are a genius idea for every sock-taker-offer everywhere!

And the beanies. Oh be still my beating heart. What a combo.

Bobble Beanies, from £28

Bobble Beanies, from £28

Inevitably those peachy waddling bottoms grow up. *sighs. Alas, as the girls get a little older they don't need to sacrifice the comfort. 

It's easy to dress your little one in tights or leggings as an accessory to an outfit. Why not change it up a little? Let the knees have some of the fun and make some noise... and with these Braveling tights there's fun to be had. Team them with denim cut offs. DM's and an easy sweater, or a cute skirt and their favourite sparkly brogues to dress them up. The leggings scream out for some layers - a tee, a cute knit. Then once they're all played out, they're all set for cosying up for some winter movies, pop corn and hugs with Mama. Perfect.

And as the weather warms up and the bare legs come out once again, there's still room for a bit of ankle fun with these super duper socks. Fab for all year round.

Socks come in a two pack.

Stardust 2 pack socks £15

Stardust 2 pack socks £15

Beautifully made, wonderful designs and perfect for boys and girls. Braveling gets a massive thumbs up from us! Visit the website here

Words by Donna Tweedale.

Images by Braveling