Papu - Clothing for Tweens

Written & styled by Anna Cascarina

Photography by Sharon Cooper

Parents with tweenagers - I just want to say...

I hear you! I stand with you! I salute you!

On the one hand they are awesome, funny, intelligent, highly creative, inquisitive, loving creatures. And on the other hand, they're a bloody nightmare!!! No, that's unfair... just incredibly challenging!

They have their own characters and interests and likes now. They're pushing away from us bit by bit. And that's totally fine. Totally normal. And totally heartbreaking! 

They'll come back to us though. When they're ready. And they'll always want a cuddle at the end of the day!

One thing I have noticed about living with a tween girl is that she has her own sense of style now. I get frustrated on her behalf with the lack of choice on the high street for this age group. So more often than not New Look is the go to shop for girls. Agghhh! And don't even get me started on boys clothing - it seems JD Sports is the place to be! How many Hype t-shirts have you spotted today? My last count was 6,492! I joke, but seriously though - it's like 11 year old clones!

There is another way though. There's no need to panic! There are some amazing brands out there for kids at that in-between age and one of them is Finnish brand, Papu.

Papu is a young brand producing ethical children's clothing in a sustainable way. The desire was to design lovely, yet practical clothing using organic materials. The result is beautifully soft and fun children's wear that stand out from the crowd. This ultra cool brand goes up to age 12 and includes loose soft jersey hoodies, tees, leggings, dresses and skirts. Really comfy for lazing around indoors or hanging out with mates. 

Papu is cool enough for this age group, but still with the quality and an edge of fun to keep us parents happy! Plus they also do a great range for grown-ups. Perfect for twinning with the kids. I bet our tweenagers would love that!!!

Check out a few pieces from the Papu range below. These were all chosen by the models, Toby, Ruby & Louise and they loved how soft and easy to wear they were. 


Photos by Sharon Cooper Photography

Models: Toby, Ruby & Louise

Clothing: Louise - Licorice dress €45 reduced to €27. Popcorn leggings €32 reduced to €19.20. Ruby - Waffle dress €39 reduced to €27.30. Patch leggings €29. Toby - Straw hoodie €56 reduced to €28.

Written & styled by Anna Cascarina