Lulu & Nat kids bedding


Car and buses toddler cot bed duvet set £49

We have fallen head over heels for the vibrant colours and playful prints from Lulu & Nat's stunning bedding range. Founded in 2007, this fantastic brand was born with a dream for kids to live and dream in colour!

Bunny  sheet £28, bumper £69, pillowcase £15 and bunny cushion £17

Rainbow duvet set £49 and cushion £25

The designs are modern and celebrate the creative power of children through their delightful prints and bold colour palette.

Their focus is on kids bedding and products, but Lulu & Nat also cater for adults in order for the vibrancy to spill out through the rest of the home.

These contemporary products range from cot sets, duvets, cushions, sheets, sleeping bags, sleepsuits, fabric and oilcloth. There are even gorgeous scarves and bags! We love the vivid colours that give an enchanting aesthetic while remaining fresh and modern.

The founder of Lulu & Nat, Lulu Watts is a childrens fashion designer who has developed collections for the likes of Liberty, Aquascutum and The White Company.

Dinosaur duvet set £49

Floral cot sheet £28 and cushion £25

The founder, Lulu Watts

After moving to India in 2007, Lulu rekindled her love for vivacious printed textiles and it was here that she gained first hand experience into the craft of block printing and tapestry embroidery. Lulu realised that there was a lack of colourful, modern childrens bedding, so set about crafting a bold and vivid collection inspired by her time in India.

A chance meeting aboard a Monduri Express train from Mumbai to Goa - Lulu meets block printer and embroiderer Sabiha who helps her to produce the small run of products that Lulu had designed. 

Bear duvet set £49

Rainbow print sleepsuit £45

And so Lulu & Nat was born! They launched their first range soon after which was taken by The Cross in Holland Park, followed shortly after by Liberty and many others.

After Lulu's first baby, Eva, was born in 2013, her experience as a mum helped her to understand the frustrations around existing products and this reinforced her belief and mission to create vibrant, colourful, well designed products for kids and babies.

Lulu relaxing in one of her designs!

We adore the whole story and concept behind Lulu & Nat and the care that Lulu puts into each range of products. All products are made to last and bring a contemporary and striking feel to any room.

To buy and see more of Lulu & Nat's amazing collection of products, visit their website.