Terror Tues

Our second Halloween post of the week is all about bone-rattling parties! If you're throwing a spooky shindig full of gruesome goodies and ghoulish games, then take a look at these hair-raising delights to make your party go spine-chillingly well!

Tomorrow's post will be full of fangtastic food!

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So you've got the party gear sorted, but what about party games? Buttons parties have given Little Flea some ideas for ghostly games to ensure your haunted house party is tons of fun!

Image by Anna Cascarina

Image by Anna Cascarina

Games for groups to do together

Scarecrow Statues

Play some spooky music and get all the children acting out different Halloween characters such as Ghosts, Monsters, Vampires and Witches on brooms. When the music stops they have to stand as still as a scarecrow to win a prize.

Dracula Dancing Competition

Get some Halloween themed or spooky music on and split the group in two. Each group have 5 minutes to come up with a spooky dance routine to perform.

Bump in the night

Like musical bumps but the first ghosts & Ghouls on their bottoms win a prize.

Mummy or Zombie wrap

Split the group into teams again and each team nominates a mummy or zombie to be wrapped from head to toe in toilet roll. Each player gets a turn to wrap their mummy or zombie and the best one at the end wins.

Station games in a mix & mingle style party

Apple bobbing (of course!)
Just make sure you have something water proof under the bowl and a few towels.

image by Anna Cascarina

image by Anna Cascarina

Swinging doughnuts
Tie some doughnuts with string or ribbon and suspend them from a pole or length of string across the room or garden. The aim is for the children to eat as much as they can in the fastest time without using their hands! The sugared one are the best. You can decorate your doughnuts with red icing for blood or get some icing pens and draw on some creepy crawlies...

Glitter tattoos
You can get some fantastic spooky glitter tattoos this time of year so set someone up to offer these throughout your party, they take about 3/4 minutes each.


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