Little Jalo's new mohair scarves

Little Jalo are renowned for their luxurious kids products and sumptuous fabrics like cashmere and lambskin footmuffs, hats, gloves and booties. Perfect for those colder months to keep your little one snuggly and warm.

Little Jalo have just introduced new kid mohair products made of the fine natural and luxurious fibre from the angora goat, which gives the product a unique softness and warmth to keep your child warm in the transition from winter to spring. Hand finished to give an individual touch to each product, Kid mohair is a very comfortable material to wear and it does not irritate the skin like other mohair products. 

An angora goat grows the first hair only once, which makes the material also very unique.

 A hand woven and hand knitted Little Jalo kid mohair product is made with care to give years of enjoyment and they can be handwashed in lukewarm water.

 The collection consists of ponchos, scarves and hats and comes in cream, silver grey and taupe. Easy to match with any outfit. The ponchos are perfect to put over a light summer jacket when it is a chilly spring day or just by itself for chilly evenings in spring and summer.

The ponchos comes in one size. 3-6 years old.

Hats comes in sizes from 2-6 years old.