Funky Feet Fashions new Royal baby shoes!

Kate and William and baby George

Kate and William and baby George


We are still waiting with baited breath over the arrival of the newest member of the Royal family. Poor Kate, she must be feeling desperate. There's been reports that she's been using the Royal swimming baths to try and induce labour, but yet to no avail.

We reckon the raspberry leaf tea, hot curries and pineapples have all been on the Royal shopping list too. Let's hope something will soon give that baby a bit of a jolt into action!

When this baby does finally make an appearance, Funky Feet Fashions have the perfect first little baby shoes or slippers for the Royal baby, whether a boy or a girl.

These limited edition beauties start from size 0-6 months and go up to 5-7 years, so would be fit for any budding Prince or Princess. They feature non-slip suede soles, a "slip-on", "stay-on" design that really works! 100% cotton lining to keep little feet warm in winter and cool in summer and they are machine washable - now that is handy! What's more, these adorable shoes are designed and handmade with love in the UK, so are the perfect match for the newest member of the British Monarchy!

Funky fact:

Medical evidence shows that when an infant learns to walk, it is actually feeling the ground through their feet. This promotes good posture and an easy walking style for the rest of their lives. Funky Feet Fashion's soft and flexible soled shoes are as close as you can get to being barefoot.

So, not only is their footwear funky, they can also help children develop good posture during those crucial early years when they start to take their first tentative steps!

We think little Prince George and his baby brother or sister would look great in them.

The Royal Prince and Royal Princess baby shoes and kids slippers are available now priced £18.99 from Funky Feet Fashions.

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