Cotton Sparrow cool design led clothing and competition

Cotton Sparrow S/S 15 collection

Cotton Sparrow is one of those brands that you stumble across and fall in love with. When I first laid eyes on Cotton Sparrow, I instantly knew that this was a label born from love. Coming from a fashion background, I loved their design led innovative pieces that resonated with the quirky and playful part of me, but also the unisex and androgynous colours and designs, that appealed to my tomboy side! 

The designer, Kate

The designer, Kate

The designer, Kate Sloan, started the brand for the simple reason that she loves making things! She says "I have a need to be creative whether it be writing, sewing or building. I had just had my baby and it just made sense at the time."

The name, Cotton Sparrow, came about because of cotton being the main base for all of the collections. Kate is based in Jersey in the Channel Islands, so is quite limited with what fabrics she can use, which she says is "both a blessing and a curse as although it's quite frustrating it is also a good exercise for my creativity!" The Sparrow part of the name is because kids are small, like Sparrows and Kate thought it sounded cool!

We totally agree!

Cotton Sparrow grey unisex tee and shorts

Inspired by the new and inventive, Kate looks to designers such as Comme des Garcons, Iris Van Herpen and Martin Margiela for inspiration and ideas. These conceptual designers use sculpture, shape, technology and radical fashion-forward ideas to express individuality and that is exactly what Kate hopes to do through Cotton Sparrow - allow children to be their individual selves and of course be able to play comfortably. "These are challenges specific to childrenswear which I embrace wholeheartedly!" Kate knows that children won't put up with discomfort so ensures each piece is designed with comfort in mind while giving basic garments little twists.

Cotton Sparrow offers a truly unique and new collection with quirky and interesting features that give a distinctive look while remaining easy to wear. The small range includes, trousers, sweats, dresses, tees and shorts. Why not take a look at their collection here.

We have an exciting competition running at the moment to win ANY item from the Cotton Sparrow current collection. Head on over to the competitions page to enter. Good luck!