Travelling with the Kids

With Sainsbury's Bank

Summer is officially upon us, with many families looking to take their little ones abroad for the first time. While the holiday itself is a great opportunity to spend quality time together as a family, the process of actually getting there can be quite daunting - Am I limited to 100ml of
expressed milk or formula on board? How many nappies should I pack?

If this sounds like you, it’s key to plan for all eventualities. For example, it's a good idea to bring one nappy for each hour that you're travelling, plus extra for delays. Also, packing a blanket will help comfort your little one, especially if it's cold on the plane. If your child is slightly older, you might want to pass the time by introducing them to the language and culture of your destination. You can do this by using an offline app on a tablet or buying a book to distract them during the

Finally, remember that most travellers around you will be sympathetic towards any upsets and will be impressed if you’ve brought a variety of distractions to ease the situation. To give you a more detailed rundown of what you should pack in your hand luggage, how to deal with travel-
related issues, and how to keep children of all ages entertained on board, take a look at the fun animated guide below by Sainsbury’s Bank.

Happy Flying!

The Handmade Touch

Brown Betty Blue

by Donna Tweedale

handmade felt sea creatur banner

There's a subtle sentimentality in the creations of Brown Betty Blue. Keepsake qualities. The soft textures of the fabrics Aimee uses in her collection are so tactile.

Gorgeous thoughtful accessories for your little ones space. The pops of colour and the variety within the collections you can personalise your garland or mobile where there's something to ignite your little ones imagination whether that's dreaming of safari's or under the sea.

Brown Betty Blue has created a very significant line of products in the Rainbow Collection. Designed with the thoughts of rainbow babies at the forefront. A Rainbow Baby is a baby born shortly after the sad loss of a previous baby through miscarriage, stillbirth or infant loss. With each sale Brown Betty Blue makes a donation in support to Tommy's Charity. A charity that works hard to offer support to families and contributes to vital research.

So beautifully done.