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Knit Planet, the modern knitwear for the stylish little, founded by Micky & Nikky in London. As new parents, they wanted to share their passion of the extraordinary sensation of knitwear and considerate designs with the adorable little ones. In 2015, at the 2nd birthday of their child, they created Knit Planet - a planet for super cool, chic and comfy knitted style as well as the pure joy, love and imagination of sweetest childhood. The products range from 6 months to 6 years and consist of apparel, accessories and home lifestyle pieces. Their styles are bright, natural and modern and many are without an obvious gender preference. All produced with top quality materials such as 100% organic cotton and merino wool, plus all styles are machine washable, anti-pilling and anti-shrinking. Easy to be taken care of, Knit Planet bring their little customers not only the fresh choice of styles, but also the fine experience for this worry-free time of life.


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