b forrest green_round_with strapline BRINGING ALL THE GOOD FEELS

What started out as a celebration of new found confidence after having a baby has developed into a brand with a mission to pass this feeling on and help others suffering from low self-esteem or low self-confidence. When designer, Amy first became a mum she suffered horrible anxiety, and even though she put on a brave face most of the time - inside she felt like she was drowning. Amy's background is art and design and the new connections she was making through I.should.b really inspired her creatively, so she started putting these new feelings into her designs. Having also experienced varying degrees of bullying in the past, Amy realised that she wanted i.should.b to be a brand with a purpose to help anyone else suffering in this way to be able to create their own shield against the bullies, and to know and always remember that they are a wonderful human. i.should.b is about having a little affirmation right there on your wall, or on your sweatshirt reminding you every day that YOU CAN, AND YOU WILL. It's about positivity in print, reassurance every time you look at it, that YOU are an AWESOME human. It’s about self-love and self-appreciation, saying a polite ‘screw you’ to anyone who might have the audacity to suggest ‘you can’t’ and knowing you are more than good enough, and can do anything you set your mind to if you believe in the power of yourself. It's confidence in colour, and designed with love.

All garments are 100% organic cotton and wearing them feels like having a cuddle. £3 of each sweatshirt sale and £1 of each print / tee shirt sale will go to the charity www.bulliesout.com to help support the amazing work that they do.


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