Cotton Twist, a.k.a Anne-Clare & Alexis, is the meeting of two spookily similar minds. It's fair to say they're never quite satisfied with the mantra of 'making life easy for oneself'. Why buy a cake when you could stay up until all hours making one? Why purchase a birthday card when you could rummage through the craft drawer and create one.? True to form then, this duo channelled their 'excess energy' into creating a raft of products and activities to spark creativity in the sphere of craft and celebrations. An inspiration for parties & play, Cotton Twist pride themselves on making activities & decorations you'll love to give and children will love to receive. Nostalgic, chic, simple & inherently satisfying, the crafts draw upon a palette of raw materials from lolly sticks to craft matchboxes, & from twine to felt. It's time to wave goodbye to all that plastic! Crafts are carefully designed to spark learning & play in a fun & imaginative way. A world of make believe is ready to be uncovered. Activities are perfect for party bags, stocking fillers, wedding day activities, travelling & rainy days.



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