Bundle Beds are the future of sleeping over, sleeping out, camping and adventures. For many years the only solution for sleepovers, guest beds, camping and adventures was to take a mass of bulky or uncomfortable sleeping equipment which collectively never really managed to deliver a great night's sleep. Bundle Beds decided to change that. Their self-contained fully-bundled bed comes complete with a deceptively slim but super-comfortable self-inflating mattress and a built in luxury duvet and pillow that provides warmth, comfort and a great night’s sleep. The Bundle Bed is simply unclipped, unrolled, unzipped and it’s ready to use. Then in reverse (and just as quick), just zip, roll and clip and you’re done! And of course it’s durable, washable and practical. Whether sleeping over, camping out, partying at a festival or getting your head down on a friends floor - it may be unplanned but you’re fully prepared with a Bundle Bed close to hand.


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