animal ambition logo

Animal Ambition is a hand crafted 3d hand drawn illustration, appliqued on to cute styles for baby, toddlers and young children. The design aims to stimulate baby and toddler sensory with the raised contrasting texture and distinct pattern. Designed to be educational with the letter as the feature of the illustration which sits back with the Animal motif. Animal Ambition takes little ones on a textural journey all encapsulated by one leading concept of Animals, whereby the use of raised texture Animal patterns create Baby and children's clothing and lifestyle to inform a sensory boost and engagement. The main design concept is taking handrawn illustration translating these into hand-made animal motifs or clashing patterns to encourage exploring  engagement for colour, pattern and fine motor skills when playing with the 3d velcro patch.

The sensory boost:

Touch = texture. 

Sound = 3d element with velcro sound. 

Sight = best for our monochrome products and blankets but overall falls under all products with use of distinct bold patterns. 

Textures and pattern also possess superpowers proven scientifically to aid in stimulating sensory play for special needs of little ones such as Autism .

The styles are designed to encourage little ones to 'grow fearless and live wild'



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