About us

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Little Flea is a one stop shop bringing you the most awesome things for the little people in your life. It was created out of a need for something more inspiring. The unique, the interesting, the style savvy - that's what was missing and that's why Little Flea was born.

Coming from a background of Fashion Styling, Anna Cascarina knows a thing or two about style. Having two children of her own has inspired her to create a beautiful website full of beautiful things for kids.

'When the children were young, I remember trawling the internet searching for interesting party entertainers and suppliers that offer something a little bit more unique. The same for clothing, accessories, interiors - I didn't want to go to the mass produced boring stores on the high street. I deserved better, my children deserved better! That inspired me to create Little Flea. It was born out of a need for somewhere you could go that would always have exciting products. Beautiful things for the little people in your life. And thats where the niche is. Only brands that we love go on to the site. These suppliers and brands offer products and services that are unique, exciting and original. Why be bored with the masses when there's a whole Little Flea market of awesomeness out there.'

Anna has an addiction to beautiful things, she loves gorgeous clothes (well who doesn't like window shopping every once in a while!) and beautifully made and simply designed interiors. She has a fondness for cats, a love of 60's inspired scandi furniture, cannot resist the allure of the Chanel logo and she doesn't mind admitting to the fact that she loves a classic Disney film... After having children, suddenly being bombarded into the world of cutesy and twee childrens clothing was a bit of a drab disappointment. There must be more out there, so searching the internet for a touch of unique coolness became a daily obsession and Anna suddenly realised there must be other people that could benefit from her hard work! So Little Flea was born. Anna wanted to create a one-stop directory that like-minded individuals could go to to find the most gorgeous items for children. after all, fashion and style isn't just for grown ups!



Little Flea illustrations by Sarah Bellisario