Rebel & Lola is run by two friends, Katy and Sammy who have collective backgrounds in Fashion Design, PR, Merchandising and Fashion Tech. Between us we have 2 little ones, 2 husbands and 2 felines who we have affectionately named our business after. Rebel & Lola was established officially in 2016 but was an idea they had and talked about for years. It's truly a labour of love with the all Rebel & Lola pieces completely designed, sourced and made by Katy's own two hands. Theirr new seasonless collection, 'You Crack Me Up' is inspired by our childhood in reflection to their own kids. They wanted to look at how the world has changed but stays the same through love and strength in every generation. Their 'Rebel Revival,' collection is full of items that they have hand-picked from vintage shops that are then re-designed in order to be re-loved.