Rebel & Lola is a homeware, clothing and accessories brand established in 2016. Their clothing range has really grown this season with their own mainline range and Rebel Revival vintage finds. Rebel & Lola Custom Prints allows you to get creative with a name, initials, date or number. The idea for the brand was inspired by two new mama's with a history in the fashion business.  With their new mama hearts naturally warming towards all things little, light-hearted and original for their babes to wear and be surrounded by, Rebel & Lola came to be over a few glasses of much needed bubbles and chatting.  The brand name itself is inspired by their original furry feline babies. The playfulness of “Rebel” and the whimsical side of “Lola” are incorporated throughout the collections.  If truth be told though, Lola is probably the naughtier, more rebellious kitty and Rebel the more refined, soft-hearted feline!