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Lala & Zizo was founded when creator, Vickie El Rayyes, wanted to create the concept of collectable heirloom clothing. With enviable life-stories of travelling and living in-between London and the far east all her life, a lifetime collection of childhood memories, moments, trinkets and treasures have inspired Vickie to create her new spring-launching babywear brand “Lala & Zizo”. The keepsake pieces exude nostalgia, comfort and charm. Shades of pink on the smallest cotton kurtas resemble the acclaimed pink-city of Jaipiur in Rajasthan, where the feel of this first collection has been conjured up. Steeped in history and culture, the region reflects the creator’s own worldly experience; a rich tapestry of tales travelling and being influenced by free-spirited global adventure. The lovingly designed pieces for 6m-3yrs are stunningly timeless little outfits; delicious pure cotton kaftans in grey and coral, and authentic indian embroidered garments all created with her modern style sensibility. Lala & Zizo is essentially a culmination of decades of worldly inspiration told through an eclectic clothing line, and this collection tells the story of her spiritual home, the pink city of Jaipur in India.

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