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Bilibo open ended versatile toy by Moluk
Plui Rain cloud bath toy by Moluk

Driven by a passion for great design, MOLUK strives to create innovative, sustainable products that don't just entertain kids on a superficial level, but invite real interaction. In a time where everything is getting more virtual, MOLUK offers toys that are totally manual, toys that get children to move and explore, toys that stimulate their senses and minds. There are no ON and OFF switches, batteries or complicated instructions. MOLUK toys are powered simply by a child’s imagination. These interactive toys can entertain children for hours and can be used in a multitude of ways. The Bilibo, for example, can be used as a rocking chair, a helmet, a cradle, for spinning and can even be filled with water or sand for outdoor fun. Available at Toyella and Bebemoda.




Every lovingly made toy is made out of beautifully soft lambswool and is gorgeously cuddly and unique. Sally's products have a nostalgic edge with her love of textiles, patterns and texture shining through. Beautifully designed with vintage inspired prints and colours, these softly textured toys will have you wishing you were young again. Sally also designs gorgeous blankets and cushions. See more of her work on our interiors page or visit her website.


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A treasured vintage inspired collection of gorgeous gifts, lights, dolls, jewellery and more. The Baby Lapin lamp is a sought after treasure piece for any home and the dolls would make any little girl swoon. From Moomin lamps to pretty dresses to Woodland dolls, the Lapin and Me collection is an emporium of loveliness. Simply stunning products to explore. Little Flea wants it all!

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Le Train Fantome  is a collection of adorable characters called Little Ozzie, Babette, Lumi, Lewis, May and Lucius. They all have their own personalities designed and made by the uber talented Fanja Ralison. Stunning attention to detail has been given to this gorgeous range and so lovingly made that each one is totally unique, You truly are buying a piece of art for your child. A perfect gift to treasure forever.


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The Lulla Doll by RoRo is a sleeping companion that imitates closeness of a caregiver by playing a real-life recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest, Lulla can help to stabilise babies breathing and heartbeat resulting in a longer and better quality sleep as well as added security. Inspired by research on Kangaroo care, the Lulla doll is made of soft natural cotton in unisex and unirace colours and when the chest is pressed, plays a soothing recording that has the ability to increase well being and lower stress. Absolutely gorgeous.


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Pl-ug is an innovative den building system that allows children to build almost any den or hideaway they can possibly imagine by attaching to different objects around the house or garden such as tables, chairs and trees. There are three types of sets; the Den Kit contains all the key components you need to get started, you just provide the bed sheet! The Canopy Den Kit includes a gorgeous blue star print canopy sheet and tent pegs. The Ultimate Den Kit includes rods and discs to build even bigger tents with your friends. All Pl-ug kits are suitable to use inside or out and will keep your children entertained for hours.

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Nature Zoo is a Danish company specialising in gorgeous knitted toys, mobiles and blankets. Their lovely characters range from owls to lions to crocodiles... theres even an adorable little octopus. The perfect rattle for a newborn or music mobile for a toddler or cuddly friend for an older child, these beautiful creatures will delight your child for many years to come.

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Minimondos dolls, puzzles and games are beautifully crafted and designed toys that bring individuality to the experience of play. Each Minimondos character has a distinctive personality, a unique sense of style and a diverse heritage that encourages children to embrace their own and each others. These high quality educational toys bring fun, imagination and style to the toy box. 

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Noodoll is a bold, fun, design-led brand which has been brightening up the world of toys and accessories since 2010. Noodoll is known for it’s friendly 'Ricemonster' characters, these quirky, cute little monsters can be found in the form of toys, gadget holders, stationery and more. Noodoll began in London and is the brainchild of designer and author YiYing Wang. Yiying has created a brand which has captured the imagination of both kids and adults alike. Noodoll products are always made with quality and functional design in mind and make the perfect gift for any child.

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Toyella is a multi-award winning retailer with the aim of offering toys, games and gifts that have that something different. Style and good design is the common theme within all the product lines they offer. Toyella actively seek out beautiful continental products that are not widely available in the UK. World toys, sent the world over. The toys are aimed at children up to 12 years old and Toyella proudly focus on gifts that promote 'traditional' play, child development and interaction. No electronic games here!

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