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Renowned, for designing wearable art for everyday style, ethical womenswear label Deborah Campbell Atelier help women build a signature look through season-less print that feels special. Each season Deborah Campbell Atelier delivers a concise but versatile collection of printed wovens using a carefully edited range of ethically sourced fabrics that meet the sustainable criteria they follow. Less is more in their books. Supporting the maker and the 'many hands' that touch the collection during the journey to their customers is part of their responsible design mission. The range of signature Bee Tee-shirts are inspired by the ever so precious Bee, without which humans would be heading for extinction. The humble Bee pollinates our food so we can survive. The tee shirts supports the Bumblebee Conservation Trust who are doing great work to protect the Bee. Saving the Bees inspire us to Bee The Change we wish to see in the world and protect the ever- dwindling Bee population. So much so, that Deborah Campbell donates 20% of the profits from the sale of each women’s tee-shirt and 10% of the profits from the sale of each children’s tee-shirt to The Bumblebee Conservation Trust. The children’s unisex tee shirts promote well being to inspire children to Bee who ever they want to be. Founder Deborah Campbell has previously worked for major British high street retailers and manufacturers. Becoming increasingly concerned with cheap fast fashion and over consumption she disengaged, beginning the journey to offer an alternative model that is DCA.


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