Colour Me In

Take a look in our amazing arty supplement that has full interviews with 9 incredible artists plus all our fantastic printables that your children can colour in / make or draw. Don't forget to enter our competition to win vouchers to spend on any brand featured on Little Flea.

*All artwork to be emailed to by 31st October 2017.

All our amazing printables are below. All you need to do is click on the image to download your favourite and get creative!


Nia Tudor

Ingrid petrie Design

Nia Tudor - Cats

Ingrid Petre - Penguins

Sarah Lovell

Sarah Lovell - Unicorn

Sarah Lovell - Hummingbird

Sarah Lovell - Shark

Sarah Lovell - Elephant

Sarah Lovell - Unicorn in trees

Sarah Lovell - Peacock Butterfly

Laxmi Hussain

Laxmi Hussain - Face 1

Laxmi Hussain - Face 2

Laxmi Hussain - Face 3

Caz Swanne

Caz Swanne - Girl cut out

Caz Swanne - Boy cut out


Doodlemoo - Donut Box

Doodlemoo - Icecream box

Doodlemoo - Unicorn box

Vanessa stone


Vanessa Stone - Dog paper cut out

Animal parts cut outs

Vanessa Stone - Bear paper cut out



Step-by-step instructions

1. choose the one you want to make - a dog or a bear head

2. print off the head template onto A4 paper or lightweight card

3. fold paper/card in half

4. using scissors, cut along the dotted line

5. print off the parts sheet onto A4 paper or lightweight card

6. cut along the dotted lines the coloured pieces you will need

7. stick on the yellow for the eyes from behind - glue-ing around the edge of the paper on the wrong side of the collage - use pva glue or any children's glue

8. repeat for the nose

9. repeat for the smile

10. ear/cheeks/lashes/pupils are then stuck on the front of the collage.

11... Finished! add some hand drawn touches to customise!

For the Dog you will need:


2 yellow shapes

2 black circle shapes for pupils

2 sets of eyelashes

1 red tongue shape

1 green rectangle for the mouth

1 black rectangle

1 red circle for nose

For the Bear you will need:


2 pink cheek shapes

1 red nose

2 yellow eye shapes

1 blue smile shape

2 green ear shapes

6 eyelash triangles

2 small black oblong shapes for pupils

Sas & Yosh

Sas & Yosh - Mermaids

Sas & Yosh - Monsters

Little Carousel

Little Carousel - Mini Masterpiece!

With thanks to all our artists.


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*Terms and Conditions

Competition runs until 31st October 2017. All entries must be emailed in to by this time. All artwork belongs to artists. For personal use only. If shared on social media, please credit Little Flea and artist.