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Cadence London is a fine jewellery brand inspired by the symbolic beauty of anatomy and organic form. It was born out of a desire to create unique timeless treasures that speak to the heart.  Designed and hand-crafted in London, each piece is a talisman of strength sending for a message of inspiration throughout your day. Their muse is the woman who breathes to her own rhythm and walks her own beat and they seek to empower her on this path towards truth and strength. Cadence London embodies quiet confidence and raw sophistication.  The jewellery is a reminder to follow your heart, trust your backbone and always be true to you. This collection is inspired by Cadence's long history as a professional ballet/contemporary dancer and yoga instructor.  As she lived and breathed the body day in and day out, her fascination and awe of its beauty and symbolism astounded her. The spine is a metaphor for life.  The vertebra fit together in a magical way that act as our scaffold and our strength, yet they bend and twist to life’s demands and protect within them the sensitive spinal cord which connects mind to body.   The organ of the heart is a symbol of truth and integrity.  It is our life source and has its own personal rhythm giving untiring fuel to our fire. Just as beneath each woman’s external beauty there lies a wellspring of spirit and energy, so too lies a story in each piece.  A reminder to reflect on the wonder of life and think not about the stresses that come from without, but about the radiance, joy, strength and healing that come from within.


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