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Bunny & Clyde came about when three of four friends fell pregnant virtually simultaneously and the prospect of new babies tickled their imaginations. Behind the name are sisters, Nathalie and Lisa Vos, and best friend, Mariëtte Bergh, who all share a background in various Art and Design disciplines. With the excitement of becoming mommies to their own brood they soon realised that they didn’t particularly like the nursery furniture on offer coupled with the facts that most of what they found available was mass-produced, generic in appearance, and exclusively for use within the nursery. They wanted to design a timeless and versatile range so that the initial investment is in your baby’s room, but ultimately, you are left with pieces that would look great in any room of the house. Bunny & Clyde are inspired by a nostalgic love of passing things down through the generations reflected in their designs that remember eras gone-by. At the heart of their brand philosophy, lies an ethos of design-led sustainability in everything that they do from the way in which they approach their design process to their methods of production and materials used.


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