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Barney & Wilf was an idea conceived by two mums, Jennifer and Catherine, who were after a stylish but practical way to display their kids’ ever-growing collection of artwork. Their sleek, contemporary solution celebrates childhood in all its glittering, rainbow-coloured glory while at the same time offering parents the opportunity for some guilt-free decluttering. From your little one’s first splodges to their toddler masterpieces, Barney & Wilf transform the piles of paper taking over your kitchen into a beautiful piece of carefully curated contemporary art. Capturing the vibrancy of your child’s creativity forever, the dog-eared paintings and drawings blu-tacked to your fridge are meticulously reproduced in miniature to form a large, gallery-quality printed collage that can take pride of place in your home. Thoughtful editing enhances the colour and detail of your child’s creations while ensuring they remain as untouched as possible. They then safely return all the original artwork to you when your print is produced.


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